Living Interiors, the largest and finest interior plant care company in Tucson, lives by our company motto “Enrich your environment through the magic of plants”. Our team believes in the virtue of plants to enrich your environment, to brighten up a dull space, to stimulate your staff, and to provide cleaner interior air.

Not only can we help you acquire a beautiful specimen, but with our guaranteed plant care service, you’ll have the freedom to enjoy the lasting beauty of your plants. Let us help you locate the right plant and keep it happy for years to come.

John Casadei

As a native Tucsonan, I have always enjoyed the Sonoran Desert Landscape. In leading the oldest and largest local plant service companies, it is my goal to continue to carry consistent customer service, value a personalized approach and establish high caliber professional solutions. It remains a passion of our team to improve your working and living environment through the natural beauty of plants.

Tobey Ryan

Although originally from Michigan, Tobey has gained her native Tucsonan status over the past 18 years in the desert. For 17 of those years I have been a part of the Living Interiors team! With a background in botany, Tobey joined forces with Living Interiors to enhance people’s environments with the use of plants! Her expertise will guide you through the process from start to finish beginning with comprehensive design options, procurement of the highest quality plants available, and completing the process with installation and service schedule to maintain the plants to their fullest!

Service Teams

In addition our team includes 8 professionals that are dedicated to maintaining your platscapes in a vibrant and healthy state. Our average team member has been with us over 8 years and can be trusted to ensure service is foremost.